The Momentum Method™ Program - The Momentum Method™

The Systems and Strategies You Need to Create and Sustain Massive Momentum In Your Business

An online program that helps small business owners identify who they are, who they need with them, and where they’re going next in business and life.

Most Businesses Do Great Work ––
At the Expense Of the Owner’s Sanity!


Does this sound familiar? You have a small business and maybe even have several team members. Still, you find yourself doing all the work so that everything is up to your standards. You’re always “on” (whether onsite or online) six, maybe even seven days a week for hours on end. 

Here’s a gentle reminder: your business isn’t supposed to be your life –– it’s supposed to serve your life. Too many business owners lose sight of that simple truth, and year after year they work just as frantically as they did during their start-up phase. When will it end?

You need systems that free you from the tyranny of these unprofitable and unproductive routines!

The #1 Reason Businesses “Fail to Scale” Is Because They Don’t Have Systems That Create and Sustain Momentum

Business isn’t static –– it’s always in motion. At any given moment, your business is either moving forward or backwards. As a CEO, President, Founder, Thought Leader, or Small Business Owner –– you are the deciding factor.

Your strengths as a leader got you where you are today, but to scale successfully you need systems that reflect and replicate your unique set of talents and distribute them among team members and customers.

You need these systems in place for your team to step IN so you can step OUT, allowing you the freedom to focus on your role as a leader working in your genius.

Isn’t It Time You Knew Exactly Who You Need On Your Team, What To Do Next, and How To Create Momentum To Achieve Your Desired Outcomes While
Working In Your Genius? 

When you have momentum in business, everything seems to roll forward: team members are proactive, customers are happy, and extraordinary results happen. But creating and sustaining momentum requires a shift away from old habits.

You can only go so far doing everything yourself, and common assumptions, expectations, and even technical expertise can get in the way of scaling a successful business.

I’m Trivinia Barber, and over the last decade, I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, from the start-up stay-at-home mom to corporate leaders who want to reach millions of people with their message.

There are two things I’ve learned along the way:

Anyone can scale their business –– if they have the right systems and team members in place. 

Scaling a business with success and momentum always starts with a good plan.

That’s why I’m thrilled you have an interest in The Momentum Method™. 

I’m Trivinia Barber, and over the last decade, I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, from the start-up stay-at-home mom to corporate leaders who want to reach millions of people with their message.

There are two things I’ve learned along the way:

Anyone can scale their business –– if they have the right systems and team members in place. 

Scaling a business with success and momentum always starts with a good plan.

That’s why I’m thrilled you have an interest in The Momentum Method™. 

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What Clients Are Saying

“If you’re overwhelmed with your business and know you’ve got to release some (or all) of the admin to someone else, but you’re telling yourself you don’t know how, think again. This was my story until I met Trivinia. She is truly an expert in what a small business owner needs to have in place in order to have independence, freedom and financial security.”

— Hayley Hobson

“If you’re overwhelmed with your business and know you’ve got to release some (or all) of the admin to someone else, but you’re telling yourself you don’t know how, think again. This was my story until I met Trivinia. She is truly an expert in what a small business owner needs to have in place in order to have independence, freedom and financial security.”

— Hayley Hobson

“I firmly believe that every coach needs a coach. They need someone calling them out on areas they need to improve and they need to not be afraid to push them (me) back. Thanks, Trivinia for pulling that out of me. I was vulnerable. I cried. I laughed. I gained clarity.”

— Bella Vasta

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Be
Equipped To Do In

The Momentum Method TM


We’ve taken more than 20 years of combined working knowledge with hundreds of clients and small business owners around the world and distilled it down into the key strategies that will make all the difference for you and your business.

Know Exactly Who You Are

It’s time to get really clear on what you shouldn’t be doing in your business. Too often, owners are stuck being the doers in their business because the standards they expect are only met when they do the work.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone. I spent years working 12-15 hour days, responding to customer emails in less than 30 seconds, and sacrificing my health and relationships. 

But here’s the thing. 

You were never meant to be a “Helicopter CEO,” hovering over everything as the boss, salesperson, HR manager, ops manager, and marketer all rolled into one.  You have two unique roles to play as both the Shareholder who owns the business and the Leader who strategically guides the business so it has the ability to scale.  

Your success as a Leader is dependent on your ability to know your strengths and your weaknesses, so you can work in your genius as often as possible — and delegate the rest to a team you can trust. 

When you know who you are as a Leader, you know the value of your time. Your yes is expensive! Most owners don’t have a realistic understanding of how much time they have in a given week, month, or year.

When you know who you are as a Leader, you know the value of your time. Your yes is expensive! Most owners don’t have a realistic understanding of how much time they have in a given week, month, or year.

One of the keys to successfully scaling your business is to start thinking in weeks and months, rather than just days and hours. 

How many weeks do you have set aside for creative projects, like course creation, launches, or speaking opportunities? Do you know how many “genius” days you have per year? Or how many money-making activities you have per week?

Imagine how good it would feel to be able to answer those questions with confidence. 

Knowing your role as the Leader lays the foundation for propelling your business forward with the right people and the right projects. 

You can stop burning the candle at both ends in your business. When you can see your role in the business clearly, you can take the next steps to identify, attract, and deploy the right team members to do the right projects. 

Which brings us to…

Know Exactly Who You Need  To Help You Get There

Most small business owners make poor or desperate hiring decisions because they base their choices on these 3 things:

  • Affordability
  • Availability
  • Interest

This approach puts warm bodies in the seats but doesn’t give you what you really want: a team you can trust.

A trusted team enables you to delegate with confidence. A trusted team owns their role and purpose in your business.

Trusted team members operate as Stakeholders, rather than team members, by:

  • Working with you
  • Sharing your vision for the business
  • Operating with the same values as you
  • Treating the business like their own

You’ve ridden the sick-cycle carousel of hiring somebody to help you out, only to be dissatisfied with their performance, leaving you stuck to do the work you tried to outsource in the first place!

Lackluster performance and team member turnover are killing your ability to scale.  And… it’s killing your momentum!  You don’t have the time or energy to find, train and retain new team members every 6 months.

Maybe you think it’s easier to just hire someone from Fiverr or Upwork, or better yet, for you to just learn and do something yourself.

I’m going to tell you a secret.

Getting “just anybody” to take work off your plate does not solve the problem. From years of coaching and personal team building, I’ve learned that hiring a task rabbit actually keeps you in the weeds. They depend on you to tell them to “do this” or “do that,” and are always waiting to be spoon-fed their next assignment.

Whether you are preparing for your first hire, or have an existing team, you need people who will demonstrate a passion for your vision, excitement about their purpose in your company, and proficiency in their role.

When the RIGHT people (your Perfect Executive VA or Ideal Team Member) have the RIGHT Process your business gains TRACTION.

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Know Exactly What To Do Next

You have gotten this far as a Leader using your unique strengths and talents. You have sacrificed your time and your sanity to make your dream business a reality.

Don’t let it stall out now.

Inside The Momentum Method™, you will learn our proven process to build and engage your team, fortify you as a trusted leader, and scale your business.

You Deserve to Own Your Role as a Leader and
Have A Team You Can Trust. 

You deserve to be able to say, “I know who I am, I know who I need, and I know where we’re going.”

Let us show you how to attract and engage the people you’ve been looking for once and for all, and how to prioritize the projects that will move your business forward. 

The Momentum Method™ strategically aligns People, Process, and Projects so you can get clear on your business, your team, and your highest contributions. 

It starts with…


Find the answers to the questions you probably ask yourself on a daily basis, such as: Do you know if you have the right people on your team? What if you are actually part of the problem? How do you attract the right people? You’ll learn our signature process for hiring and more inside the program.


Learn how to leverage the highest level of activities for you and your team by creating a plan and mapping out the process that you take your clients through from A to Z. Create the confidence you need to keep yourself — and your team — laser-focused.


Determine which of your goals or efforts are leading to your highest value and opportunities both personally, and in your business. Learn the key steps to ensure clear, concise and detailed information is documented for Delegation Mastery, move projects forward, and achieve desired outcomes.

What You Get In
The Momentum Method TM

Module 01: Priority Foundation

Define Your Visible Impact

Momentum Lessons:

  • Creating Culture Through Your Values
  • Crafting Vision As An Outcome
  • Gaining Momentum and Clarity as CEO
  • Outcome Beacons That Move You

Module 02: Priority People

Build A Team You Can Trust

Momentum Lessons:

  • Creating Stability Through Your Core Team
  • Crafting Vision For Your Executive VA
  • Gaining Momentum and Role Clarity As CEO
  • Outcome Criteria for Long-Term Collaborative Fit
  • Defining Elements of Fit for Personality & Character
  • Defining Elements of Fit for Passion & Purpose
  • Defining Elements of Fit for Proficiency
  • Defining Elements of Fit for Pizazz

Module 03: Priority Hiring

Establish Your Hiring Gauntlet

Momentum Lessons:

  • Attracting Talent Through Your Applicant Funnel
  • Crafting Vision For Your Company Hiring Gauntlet
  • Prescreening Through Your Online Applicant Form
  • Prescreening Through Your Elements of Fit Assessment
  • Prescreening Through Your Skills & Proficiency Tests
  • Confirming Character With Face-To-Face Interview #1
  • Confirming Character With The Third-Party Interview
  • Confirming Character With Reference & Background Checks
  • Finalizing Your New Hire With Offer Letter & Negotiations
  • Finalizing Your New Hire With Welcome & Onboarding

Module 04: Priority Process

Create Your Customer Experience

Momentum Lessons:

  • Walking Through Your Customer Journey
  • Crafting Vision For Your Customer Relationships
  • Gaining Momentum For Team Ownership as CEO
  • Outcome Criteria For Your Customer Journey

Module 05: Priority Projects

Create and Sustain Massive Momentum

Momentum Lessons:

  • Dumping Your Ideas For Priority Project Planning
  • Gaining Project Clarity With Your Outcome Beacons
  • Crafting Vision For Priority Project Outcomes
  • Gaining Momentum as CEO Through Delegation
  • Report Criteria for Priority Project Outcomes

Module 06: Priority Leadership

Radical Service As A Trusted Leader

Momentum Lessons:

  • Building Trust Through Your Company Leadership
  • Crafting Vision For Your Team Leadership
  • Gaining Momentum With Team Development
  • Outcome Criteria For Maintaining Team Unity

When you enroll you will receive:

The Momentum Method™

  • 6 Learn-and-Do Modules teaching you the why, what, and practical how-to for building a Team You Can Trust so your days are spent in your genius.
  • The Momentum Method™ Prep Steps so you can get crystal clear about Your Perfect Executive VA & Ideal Team Member so you attract who you need.
  • Hiring Gauntlet and Process to ensue your business is equipped with a proven system to recruit and attract the right people before you need them.

When you enroll, you’ll receive immediate access to The Momentum Method™ Prep Steps so you can start gaining the clarity you need on the dream team you deserve.

One module will be released per week from there (with a special week to help make sure you have time to implement or catch up!) — because we designed the program so you can Learn-and-Do until done as you go through each Momentum Lesson.

Outcomes happen one ridiculously-intentioned action at a time.

Our #1 outcome is Visible Impact – meaning YOU getting the People, Process, and Projects aligned to create and sustain massive momentum in your business and life with a team you can trust without losing your sanity!  #TheMomentumMethod

Your 6 Modules Will Release Over A Period Of 8 Weeks

IMMEDIATE – The Momentum Method™ Prep Steps –
IMMEDIATE – The Momentum Method™ Priority Plan –
WEEK 01 – Module 01
WEEK 02 – Module 02
WEEK 03 – Module 03
WEEK 04 – Implementation & Catch-Up 
WEEK 05 – Module 04 
WEEK 06 – Module 05
WEEK 07 – Module 06
WEEK 08 – Ring The Bell! & Celebrate 

Every week you will get actionable and valuable strategies in every module, as well as 7 bonuses to enrich the program and offer additional exercise to implement.

You’ll Also Receive These Practical
Systems and Resources To Take Action With Ease

Bonus #1: Job Profile Templates For Your Core Team (a $297 value)

One part of planning and building a Team You Can Trust is identifying the key roles that will develop for your business over time. We cast vision for what an ideal Core Team would look like in Module 02: Priority People.

What comes next? So much more to get the team off the ground…. especially in the early days! Whether you’re growing from a Team of One or you’ve had a team for a while —- our Job Profile Templates For Your Core Team give you the exact Done-For-You details on the:

  • Priority Outcome
  • Vision & Mission
  • Priority Ownership (hello, KPIs!), along with
  • Core Doc and Tech Resource ideas for FIVE Core Team roles.
Bonus #2: Plug-N-Play Templates For Hiring Gauntlet (a $497 value)

One of the most difficult to execute parts of finding the right people to start and build a team is getting the foundation for attracting talent in play. In Module 03 of The Momentum Method™ we walk you through step-by-step on how to Establish Your Hiring Gauntlet.

But, the framework for your Hiring Gauntlet needs all the fine details for EACH role you will hire for —- and we’ve got the Done-For-You cure with our Plug-N-Play Templates for Hiring Gauntlet!

This bonus delivers FIVE Core Team Hiring Gauntlet templates you can use as-is or to inspire you to enhance the foundation to meet your needs. These templates come complete with Job Description, Landing Page Ad, and more.

Bonus #3: Onboarding Your Executive Virtual Assistant (a $297 value)
Once you’ve attracted the right hire and sealed deal with a signed offer letter the process is far from over, in fact, the real fun of welcoming your new hire begins! We took the #1 role we believe every CEO needs and created an Onboarding framework you can follow to achieve success from Day 1 to Day 100 and beyond. Don’t underestimate the power of a well-planned New Hire Onboarding checklist and we’ve got you covered!
Bonus #4: Priority Delegation Mastery For The CEO (a $997 value)
Every CEO must learn to master the fine art of delegation… and do so with confidence. One part of the process is having a Team You Can Trust (yay for The Momentum Method!) — and the second part is knowing what to delegate when and to who. This mini-course expands on how to effectively implement the Six Levels of Delegation we unpack in Module 05: Priority Projects!
Bonus # 5: Team Mentoring and Support Frameworks (a $297 value)

Having a Team You Can Trust means leading the team and providing opportunities for their development. There’s no one-size-fits-all to putting the support your team needs in place because everyone connects differently. This bonus provides ways you can support and lead your team year-round.

Bonus #6: Hosting Team Retreats That Promote Unity (a $297 value)

At least once a quarter, every CEO or Leader should be connecting with their team in a deeply intentional way for community, goal setting, planning, and vision casting. You may end up retreating more or less, but with this bonus you get an ideal Retreat Agenda to take the guesswork out of what you should make your time together about for maximum momentum.

Bonus #7: Profit Planning with The Bottom Line CPA (a $697 value)

What were your sales last month or year? What do you want your sales to be this year? How much profit do you want? How much do you want to earn or take home as the CEO? These are all common questions every Leader walks through as they plan for their business and its future.

Sales does not always equal profit and profit does not always equal cash in the bank and cash in the bank does not always equal the pay days you work so hard for! The Bottom Line CPA is our go-to team for all things finance and as Certified Profit First Professionals, they take Profit Planning seriously.

Journey with Team TBL to Prep, Plan, and Profit so the Profit Beacon That Moves You from Module 01: Priority Foundation is truth for your needs, upgrades, and dreams. Clarity is key to Visible Impact here!

Let’s do the Bonus Math, shall we?
You get $2,579 in value when you enroll!


Does all this information sound like it would have been helpful to you when you were starting out and just starting to see growth? Or, as you consider a hard reset?

I know I could have used this kind of clarity when laying the foundation that my business needed to be built upon. Oh, the sanity it would have saved me!

Don’t wait another minute to get the clarity you’ve been seeking in your business. It is exactly why me and the team at Priority VA are ready to welcome you into The Momentum Method™ TODAY at a special rate.

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You’ve got Questions and
we’ve got the Answers for you

I am not sure I can do this and haven’t even got started - building a business and then scaling it is hard. I’m all the feels. Will this really help me?

At Priority VA, we’re all about the Truth That Moves You.

Building a business AND scaling it absolutely takes work and I have no doubt you’re doing great work but it’s likely at the expense of your own sanity.

How do I know? I’ve been there. Sometimes, I even go back there. #Process

I didn’t create The Momentum Method™ so you could have one more thing to do. I created it because it’s so what I wish I had all those years ago when I started.

You have a dream and you deserve the resources you need to build your dream. Your BIG amazing dream is gonna take a team you can trust too, whether it’s one team member, two, or ten down the line — makes no difference.

And, people?

Well, People are your greatest asset and People can be your greatest liability. And guess what? If you have a team and they aren’t aligned or costing you your sanity then something has to give and I have the cure inside The Momentum Method™.

You can do this and you must do this. You don’t have to do it alone either. Go for it!

How will access to The Momentum Method™ content work?
After taking (and helping create) dozens of online courses, we’ve found that the best way to get value out of a course is to actually complete it, so we’ve designed the course to be self-paced and it will be released on a 9-week schedule.

We’ll give you timelines and guidelines for completing modules, but when and how you do them is completely up to you. You’re a CEO and I am confident you need no one prodding you to take action. I know you’ll make time for what’s important.

How long will I have access to The Momentum Method™?
Lifetime. Yep, you heard me — LIFETIME.

You’ve only got to purchase The Momentum Method™ once. You’re going to want to work with us more, but there are no fancy upsell schemes here.

Once you join The Momentum Method™, you’ll have lifetime access as part of our Founder’s Launch to the Modules, Bonuses, and Content Upgrades.

Remember, your initial access is delivered to you over a 9-week period.

Will Trivinia or the team at Priority VA be available for support?
I’ve designed and offer The Momentum Method™ as a self-paced DIY program during our Founder’s Launch so you can work through the Modules and Lessons at your own pace on your own time.

I believe the program content is thorough and has everything you need to journey through it. We welcome you to connect with us at any time via email if you have questions or need additional clarity about the information provided.

You can connect with us straight from your Course Portal when needed.

How does The Momentum Method™ work with your 1:1 Executive VA Services?
We still offer our 1:1 Executive VA Services, so rest assured you can hire us to do all this for you to build the team of your dreams, but this online program has been designed for those who aren’t yet ready to go all-in on hiring a high-level Priority Executive VA.

If you are a current client of Priority VA, you too can benefit from The Momentum Method™ as its content and resources can be used to create systems and strategies for attracting and hiring additional Team Talent, implement Team Development, and identify ways to promote Team Unity. It can also help you strategically hone your Radical Service as a Trusted Leader as you build and scale your business.

Do I need a Team in place to implement The Momentum Method™?
The short answer is No.

While you can do all that me and the team walk you through to Learn-and Do, we are providing the process frameworks but not teaching any tech how-to for your systems integration, i.e. for your Hiring Gauntlet.

I encourage you to keep the process simple, but you may find that support (depending on your tech skills and time) might be beneficial to integrate a few portions of the technology to set up your hiring process.

I have made sure the process frameworks are easy enough to implement via email only so that tech frustration and overwhelm don’t set in causing you to stall out.

Are additional tools, tech, or resources needed for The Momentum Method™?
The great thing about The Momentum Method™ is that it doesn’t require a ton of additional high-cost tools to set up. You can get as basic as Google Docs or go as robust as high-touch CRMs and automation. The choice is all yours depending on your desires, needs, and budget.

I want you to keep it simple in the beginning so everything gets done. I’ll make recommendations from time to time, but you’ll be able to implement anything we teach with a Gmail account, website landing page, and cost-effective project management solutions. Again, the tech really depends on you!

Do you offer a Money-Back Guarantee? What is your Refund Policy?
The short answer is No.

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you likely hate this question as much as we do. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, and while we don’t offer refunds on our digital products (because you’ll have full access to the content as soon as you purchase, and let’s face it, we worked our asses off to bring this into the world!), we will be here to support you in getting the most out of what we’ve created.

If you need help or guidance, we’re always an email away.

I’m on the fence. How can I learn more about The Momentum Method™?
We’re thrilled you want to learn more about The Momentum Method™. We believe it changes everything!

From the way you design your business, hire the right team and show up as a leader, The Momentum Method™ will impact all your decisions on growing a business, building a culture within it, and serving your clients.

The Momentum Method™ is perfect for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and thought leaders that find themselves stuck in a sick-cycle of frustration hiring the wrong people focused on the wrong projects and not moving their business forward at the pace they know they could.

All the program content inside The Momentum Method™ is step-by-step. Throughout all 6 Modules, I am going to go on a journey with you to gain clarity on the activities that make you money in your business, the team you need to fulfill on those activities, and more.

I even invite the team I trust at Priority VA to lend their special gifts and talents to your learning and doing inside The Momentum Method™ too! If you still need help or have questions, feel free to reach out to us by using the Message Icon floating in the bottom right corner of the page.